Book One of The Young Dinosaur Chronicles:

Two young dinosaurs outwit a fearsome T. Rex

José (a young Triceratops) and Ski (a young Pteranodon) live in the Ancient Steamy Jungle in the age of the dinosaurs. They meet and become friends. They explore the jungle together looking for food, other friendly young dinosaurs, and perhaps adventures.

They encounter a large and fierce Tyrannosaurus, known as the Great Dinosaur of the North.  He is looking for prey and gives chase. Ski stays on the ground with her friend José and distracts Rex (as the young dinosaurs call him). She finds a way for both the young dinosaurs to escape to safety and be ready for more adventure.

Written for kids in the 4 to 8 range, The Hidden Triceratops was published on November 9, 2020. It's 8-1/2' x 8-1/2" with ten short chapters over 40 pages, and a total of about 4,000 words. So there is plenty of read-aloud material, or excellent reading practice for kids who are already reading. The book is now available at Amazon, or you can order it from your local bookstore. In the latter case the ISBN 978-0-9835588-9-7 will help them locate it.

Early praise for The Hidden Triceratops

A cheeky romp through the Cretaceous era, The Hidden Triceratops features two young dino-friends, José and Ski, who find themselves unlikely allies in a daring escape from Rex, who--well, he's really big and has very sharp teeth, so a meeting between Rex and anyone would be unpleasant! The drawings are marvelous, the story charming, and author, Richard Bevan, cleverly brings to life a dinosaur-eat-dinosaur world in a safe and enjoyable way for children, who will delight at this book. My Dino Rating: three Triceratops horns up!

--Garth Stein, best-selling author of The Art of Racing in the Rain and How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets

For young dinosaur enthusiasts who want a longer read-aloud, The Hidden Triceratops is a fun mix of fact and fiction. And with colorful artwork from a talented twelve-year-old, other young artists are sure to be inspired.

--Sara Nickerson, author of The Secrets of Blueberries, Brothers, Moose & Me; and Last Meeting of the Gorilla Club

If you can imagine a bedtime story about cuddly dinosaurs, that's what Richard Bevan has created. Together with young illustrator Io Shepard, they've crafted a charming book that can be read to four- or five-year-olds or that a slightly older (6-8) new reader can manage on her own. The frequent questions and asides in the text will draw the listeners and readers in to the action-filled story. These brave young dinosaurs have thrilling adventures! The Hidden Triceratops is a great introduction to that ancient world.

--Meredith Phillips, Perseverance Press publisher and author of The Child's Peninsula

Richard Bevan's The Hidden Triceratops is a gem. As retired Preschool through First Grade co-owners we would have loved to have this on our bookshelves. Perfect for reading time for the preschoolers and kindergartners, and a nice challenge for those reading on their own. The two dinosaurs are lovable characters children will identify with and the suspense is enough to hold attention without scaring. We liked the messaging as well -- be mindful of potential dangers and value friendship. Io Shepard's illustrations are captivating and colorful and will certainly draw children into the story. We look forward to the next adventure!

--JoAnne and Jeffrey Seretan, former owners of West Hills Montessori, West Hills, California

A friendly guide to the heart of the dinosaurs' world. Bright and lively illustrations. Lots to learn as the adventure unfolds.

--Michael Palin, writer, traveler and television presenter